A 9-part series

Last year, Dr. Gabor Maté with the SAND team went on The Wisdom of Trauma film European tour. We held workshops and lectures in various cities. All the events were fully sold out. We have compiled and edited the recordings of these live conversations and organized the talks in 9 distinct categories to help you navigate this rich content.

These sessions were recorded live in front of an audience.
The sound quality is a little uneven from venue to venue.

We have added English subtitles to help understand the audio.

Reclaiming Authenticity

Conversations with Dr. Gabor Maté


us $97

Many of our afflictions, mental illnesses, and physical diseases stem from trauma. Trauma directly affects our nervous system and leaves us stuck in defense and reactivity. It compromises our capacity to be present, open, loving — it prevents us from being our authentic selves.


… then this series may be for you. It is meant for parents, therapists, teachers, healers, anyone who has experienced adversity, or is simply seeking to understand how trauma shapes our lives.



a 9-part series with Live Q&A Session with Dr. Gabor Maté

us $97