What People Are Saying About The Wisdom of Trauma

“Congratulations on the content, the graphics, the music and the way you go about marketing the film. My work for 42 years as a volunteer with a hotline and in mediation, I have learnt that trauma is the root cause for both victims and offenders to perpetuate their roles. As my seminars are free of charge, I did not have much to contribute, but I suggested to my trainees to pay what they can. Keep up the good work! Thank you again.”
–Niki R.

“I’m so grateful for this movie. This is the third screening I watched. I cried my eyes out, released stuck emotions, and had different takeaways each time, reflecting where I’ve been on my healing journey. This time watching, the connection to my authentic self was deeper than before. Amazing and transformative experience.”
–Bea B.

“The Wisdom of Trauma reveals so much truth, and ultimately so much hope, as it takes us through the portal of Gabor Mate’s insight into the origins of human suffering. It’s at the same time compelling and confronting, gentle and soul-shattering. A must-see for anyone trying to make sense of our world today.”
–Marianne W.

“As my therapist pointed out to me the other day, psychology is really only about 100 years old and yet trauma was not even acknowledged until very recently. In fact, that’s why this Wisdom of Trauma is so important and actually an entire new movement. I have been sharing with so many people.”

“WOW!!!!! So enlightening on so many levels! Highly motivating to become more trauma aware within myself which will increase my awareness of trauma in others, systems, and organizations. Seeking to increase compassion, authenticity, and ultimately growth in new ways.”
–Attendee, Palliser Convention

“I’ve watched the movie 7 times and am eager to see it again! It validates so much of what has happened in my (so far) 73 years — finally, people are talking about this!”
–Maryanne G.

“The film was one of the most powerful, enlightening, and healing I’ve ever seen.”
–Jed D.

“A must see…this is simply life altering…I believe we all have trauma to some degree at some point in our lives…this helps to understand the healing of that and also a compassionate understanding of those who suffer through addiction. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to read Dr. Maté’s books.”
–Attendee, Palliser Convention

“I know organisations probably get thousands of thank you messages, so I don’t normally send them. However the impact the film and the 5-6 talks I managed to find time for have made a massive impact on me and I’m so grateful particularly for my eyes being widened to how physical the effects of Trauma can be and how it links into the environmental crisis.”
–Vicky B.

“I cannot fully express my deep gratitude for the work you have done – and with sooooooo much love and joy!
You are indeed changing the world for the better in such challenging times!
That you may keep on bringing consciousness and love to the world! I have felt so nurtured and connected, also healed – this life journey!
Thank you, thank you!….”

“I want to thank you from my heart for doing this. Although they had been many online congresses which were also dealing with the topic of Trauma, the way you and Gabor Mate present this deep issue, is outstanding. Because you as watcher can feel the people – both interviewer and interviewed. Because everyone is so authentic, it has touched me deeply in many ways.”
–Maria R.

“Thank you for your help with our screening of Wisdom of Trauma. We hosted an intimate group screening last night for around 20 medical students and physicians who work with individuals experiencing homelessness. The conversations we had after the film were very powerful and poignant, including personal experiences and understandings of trauma and how our physicians use trauma awareness to care for their patients and to avoid burnout. My thanks to you and the filmmakers for your work!”
–Benjamin R.

“Thank you for your courage, wisdom and hard work you put into producing such an amazing movie!! I have watched it over and over and it’s changing me. I am an adult child of alcoholic parents and I’ve been in Recovery for Codependency issues since 1994! In my life today I am struggling immensely with a Narcissistic/Alcoholic mother. Finding resources like this brings deep healing to my soul!!”
–Rhetta W.

“For the interviews-the movie-I would like to express my deepest gratitude. I have laughed, and cried and been deeply moved. I have been opened up and led forward. What a gift to the world. Thank you for your beautiful and loving energy as hosts, creating a space of opening for these experiences.”
–Diane S.

“Every night I watch the film again..I cannot get enough..it fills my soul and touches my heart in the tender deepest place.
Because of YOU, Gabor’s work can now touch many people in our broken world. This is the key to unlock a huge door you have now opened that will allow the healing we need to begin to repair the broken heart of our world. Transformation has begun.”
–Martha M.

“Wow, wow, wow. This incredible documentary should be viewed by every caring teacher. We need this understanding as human beings first, because we need to first understand the effect of trauma on ourselves. Then we need this understanding for the sake of the students we teach, so we can see how trauma has affected them too, and can respond more appropriately, teaching the whole child. Thank you for providing this powerful presentation at convention this year.”
–Attendee, Palliser Convention

“I love the very well produced movie, The Wisdom of Trauma and the talks that followed. Highly informative and produced with great personal touches… Am also highly impressed by the compassionate work on trauma carried out by Dr Gabor Mate…”
–Andrew C.

“My insides were quivering during the movie.
I have never felt such profound validation from Gabor’s explaining trauma.
Even in my young self, I felt exactly what he was saying but never had the words, language for expressing what I felt.”
–Janie W.

“I am speechless after watching one of the most beautiful “movies” I’ve ever seen. Gabor Mate is truly a saint.”

“This was by far the most powerful, most impactful learning experience of any professional development I’ve done in my 32-year career as an educator. Would we have had such an opportunity were we doing an in-person Convention? I doubt it. Thank you to PDTCA organizers for access to this presentation.”
–Attendee, Palliser Convention

“Bravo. Brava. Great film. As a person who has lived with PTSD his entire life of 68 years, this is one of the most powerful pieces I have experienced. I too work with the traumatized/addicted each and every day and I can say there is no other life or way of life for me. Thanks, Dr. Mate, and each of you for your life’s work.”
–Stephen L.

“Saw it just now! The compassion, the integrity, is heartwarming. You must have heard this so much… still, Gabor has made his suffering, on his way, into becoming whole.”

“Thank you. I just watched the film. Gabor Mate is a Jedi. Truly. Such wisdom and compassion. I hope this film reaches far and wide. A gift for humanity.”
–Jane M.

“The screening went well; with a very positive response from the audience. We would like to extend our deepest gratitude and love for you guys for sharing this wisdom.”
–Sayid A.

“My most sincere gratitude for making it possible to host a screening in the Cárcel Distrital de Mujeres in Bogotá (Colombia), it was a very nurturing session we had with the Mental Health Team.”
–Maria P.

“Thank you again for the tireless work in trying to change the culture to acknowledge, know and understand trauma and how it impacts on all of our lives from our politics, to climate change to how we bring up our children and interact with each other. This is such important work.”

“Words can not express the immediate impact of this film on my life! I am forever changed and will carry this information into my work as a nurse, mom and coach! My life story, so similar to those who courageously shared theirs in the film, was awe inspiring! We all need each other in this life and how amazing it will be, when Dr. Mate’s work becomes the pandemic of healing! The lives he has saved and will save is unimaginable…”

“The Wisdom of Trauma is a stunning film. Thank you for producing this. I will share it with all of my mental health colleagues. Just beautiful.”

“This was a fantastic documentary!!! I laughed, cried, and wondered. Ended up doing follow up research. Will share Maté’s work with my staff – and my own grown up children! LOVED this part of my day.”
–Attendee, Palliser Convention

“Wow, I just watched the film and am so moved! As a lover of movies, I have to say it is beautifully filmed. The people’s stories touched my heart deeply. I could feeeeel a connection to their hearts, to their suffering. I am still working on my own healing and felt a sense of hope and compassion for my own journey. The film will stay with me.”
–Nancy H.

“Congratulations on this so needed and amazing film! I work with and am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. When the men I work with see it, they all have said how held and understood they felt. It is life changing and we so want everyone to see it.”

“I LOVE this documentary, so artfully done, kudos! It may move mountains, will move millions who see it.”

“I’m a Junior at UC Santa Cruz, and I just declared a major in psychology. This past summer, I saw the Wisdom of Trauma for the first time and it absolutely floored me. It gave me language to understand our world and our self-destructive culture in a way that finally makes sense, language I’ve been seeking for my entire life. I can’t thank you enough for the work that you’ve done.”
–Gunnar B.